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"[T]his division into classes has inexorable effects on the division of labour is strikingly revealed by the circumstance that only a rare handful of workers ever succeed in climbing up a few rungs and, thanks to gruelling efforts, acquiring somewhat better qualifications. As for the worker who becomes an engineer or even a manager, he is, in our society, a museum piece exhibited to encourage belief in the ‘possibility’ of the impossible and the idea that there are no social classes or that someone born a worker can ‘rise above his class’. Plain, unvarnished reality cries out against these disgraceful exhibitions."

source: Louis Althusser, On the Reproduction of Capitalism: Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses (via foucault-the-haters) | Permalink

"How could the Palestinians be “genuine partners” in peace talks when they have no country? But how could they have a country when it was taken from them? The Palestinians were never given any choice other than unconditional surrender. All they were offered was death. In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the actions of the Israelis are considered legitimate retaliation (even if their attacks do seem disproportionate), whereas the actions of the Palestinians are without fail treated as terrorist crimes. And the death of a Palestinian has neither the same interest nor the same impact as the death of an Israeli.
Today Israel is conducting an experiment. It has invented a model of repression that, once adapted, will profit other countries. There is great continuity in Israeli politics. Israel believes that the U.N. resolutions verbally condemning Israel in fact put it in the right. Israel has transformed the invitation to leave the occupied territories into the right to establish colonies there. It thinks sending an international peace-keeping force into Southern Lebanon is an excellent idea… provided that this force, in the place of Israeli forces, transforms the region into a police zone, a desert of security. This conflict is a curious kind of blackmail, from which the whole world will never escape unless we lobby for the Palestinians to be recognized for what they are: “genuine partners” in peace talks. They are indeed at war, in a war they did not choose."

source: Gilles Deleuze - Two Regimes of Madness (via monakareem) | Permalink
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"God help us - for art is long and life is short."

source: Goethe, Faust | Permalink

"You say I resemble a flower; I partly agree; My brain is governed by black petals of burnt daisies…"

source: Anne Sexton, A Self-Portrait in Letters | Permalink