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"So I congratulated the dead who are already dead more than the living who are still living. But better off than both of them is the one who never existed, who has never seen the evil activity that is under the sun."

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At the pub last night, meeting three people - two guys and a girl. Guy one introducing the other two:

  • Guy one: “This is Michael” he says, pointing at the guy who does one of those gushing with teeth Mormon smiles, “and this is Claire, my girlfriend”, he points towards the girl.
  • Me: "Your girlfriend?" I ask, taking a lung full of smoke, and looking at her as if to appraise an art-work at a museum, “It is as if her entire identity, her sense of autonomy and self-determination is reduced to a cliche bracelet of your patriarchy. How fucking dull.”
  • The teeth man (after a self-imposed pause): hey man, so you have a wicked beard.
  • The girl: (looks weary, tries to untangle an imaginary knot from her hair).
  • Guy one, looking at the teeth man: ya’ll wanna grab a drink.
  • Me: another lung full of smoke.
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